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I was born in Milano, Italy, in 1991. I started university in September 2010 and I got a master in Automation and Control Engineering at Politecnico di Milano on the 30th of September 2015. Since the 1st of October 2015 I work at Tech Rain s.p.a. as a consultant for a big telco company, in the Online Analytics field. In March 2017, I became a Google Certified Data Engineer.

Before joining Tech Rain, my work was mainly about web design and digital consulting.

Since 2009, I've been working under the acronym of webQbe; I created webQbe together with Luca Ferrari, who quit the project after few months.

Despite the rough start, my business relationship with Luca Ferrari has been terrific: from April 2011 to August 2015, we've been working at our Crebol (was Creboldesign) project. Our main tasks have been: logo conception, dynamic website production, promotional video editing, flyer and poster elaboration and restyling of companies identity. Together we made Milanoindiscoteca.it reach the Olympus of Milanese nightlife websites.

Since May 2015, I've been teaming with two other talented peers at Rinascimento, with the ambitious aim to restore the Great Beauty in the Italian web panorama. If your website may need a digital tailor, you should definitely drop us a line!

In June 2012, a profitable meeting with some friends resulted in the launch of a startup called Eunova. Our first project, Harika, was made to shake up the hair fashion world: an app to find the perfect haircut and who can perform it. It didn't take off - but what a learning experience it has been!

Freely you have received, freely give (Mt 10.8) ‐ Thanks to my long experience as volunteer in my Parish, in 2009 I have been recruited by the FOM foundation, and, since then, I have been volunteering with the function of group trainer. In 2012, I participated to the 7th World Family Meeting as Volunteers' Team Leader, while in the following years I went to volunteer in Vatican City.

I love to look at my future in a positive way. Hope and hard work lead to success!

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In our "social era", it's hard to keep in mind the value of meeting somebody, shake his hand and talk to each other, face to face, for some time.
Why to bother, when I could easily read about you on a social network or have a Skype chat, right? Maybe, but I'd go for a coffee together instead.
First time is on me

Why not a beer? Beer means relaxing nights with old friends at a pub table.
Coffee belongs to mornings. It helps us stay more creative, productive and dynamic.
Coffee is for winners.

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